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Times of crisis and change offer opportunity to reclaim the way you work, think and live. 

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Know Who You Are


I am not here to tell you what to do or why you are here. I am here to remind you who you are. 

I lock arms with people who want to free themselves from one of life's pinch-points, or re-calibrate their ear to hear their true voice -- over the monkey-mind head chatter and society telling them of what they “should” do.

I acknowledge my clients as whole, well, and resourceful. They feel my love, zero judgement and unwavering belief in them -- enough to carry them until they are solid in their own to create a life filled with peace, harmony and joy in their full, creative expression -- bringing their truest gift to the world.

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"Debra is the most authentic, accepting and genuine person I know. Her ability to hold everyone whole, well and resourceful inspires trust and motivates people to reach beyond their comfort zones. She is courageous in having the crucial conversations, unapologetic in her authenticity, and driven to find fulfillment for the benefit of both parties. Debra’s impact on those with whom she connects is extraordinary. I am continuously amazed by the growth she elicits from others and it reinforces my belief in the source of goodness in all things."


"Before I met Deb Jones, I was fearful and mistrusting. Yet, in just 2-4 weeks, Deb guided me through monumental changes, allowing me to stop anxiety and fear producing behaviors, get out of my head, care for and trust others, and begin living instead of floundering through my existence.

She gave me tools to avoid old habitual behaviors and free myself from my negative self-talk. She intuitively worked with me, helping me to find the strength that resides within me and resources to maintain a positive energy flow. These changes will last the rest of my life as I no longer feel imprisoned."


"Do you remember when the Wizard leaves Oz in his hot air balloon? Dorothy feels alone, and she’s afraid that she will never find her way to the one place where she truly longs to be. Then Glinda, the good witch, appears.

Dorothy (to Glinda): Oh, will you help me? Can you help me? Glinda: You don’t need to be helped any longer. You’ve always had the power to go back to Kansas. Dorothy: I have? Scarecrow: Then why didn’t you tell her? Glinda: If I told her, she wouldn’t have believed me. She had to learn it for herself.

Before I met Debra Jones, I was Dorothy. Deb became my Glinda.

After my VIP Day and personal coaching sessions, I understood exactly who I am and how to use that self-awareness, both personally and professionally.

Deb helped me understand – and believe – that my business can reach new heights. Just like the Wizard in his balloon!"


The first coaching session with Deb was remarkable, she definitely has some sort of brain voodoo magic, her techniques helped me get through mental blocks, limiting beliefs, and pinch points work! It was the progress that I made in the first few sessions that awakened me to a new me, a me that DOES instead of thinks. Also, Deb’s mind work is fueled from her compassion and non-judgement, you can feel that her desire to help comes from a placed of deep love.

For the first time, I identified my fears and was able to see that it is fear that holds me back, this fear is fed by anxiety and overthinking. Debs coaching has allowed me to overcome perfectionism, know that I am enough, and her support sets me on fire, and I feel unstoppable. I was able to put my thoughts into action and create my henna business, then go a step further and promote it. Now I am not just thinking about selling my art, I am taking the steps to make it happen. This is all because of the tools Deb gave me to overcome fear, tame anxiety, and DO instead of think. I am enough and it feels amazing!

Deb’s support as a coach, I have no words for how grateful I am to have met her and share my journey with her. If you struggle with believing you can live free, live your passion, make money doing what you love, I encourage you reach out to her and schedule some time to make a shift. The magic pill that she gave me that I continue to take is “fear and excitement feel the same in the body”. So, get excited about the life you want and can have!

Yes, gift me access to the Know Who You Are mini-course!

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