Become an Investor and feed an Artist

Help me shift!

Because I want to know myself as free, but I don't want to be known as a "network marketer".

Answers to your Questions

We are here to realize ourselves as free at the cost of the old. We don't want to be known as a "network marketer" either, there are lots of things we don't want to be labeled or known as. We are claiming a new way of being and aligning to the lifting of the world to a higher agreement, including Network Marketing.  

Join Us

We are seeking those who are seeking us.

You may be our seeker if you answer YES, YES, YES to most of these:

  • You know the value of your service and love entrepreneurship.
  • You like being in business but do not like feeling needy in your business.
  • You agree that not having positive cash flow limits your full expression, service and ability to thrive and help others.
  • Trading time for money is not allowing you to freely serve at your highest level.
  • You are self directed and independent yet greatly appreciate healthy interdependence.
  • You prefer to be your own financer.
  • You like helping people and empowering others to find solutions through your offerings.
  • You make life better for all you serve.
  • You delight in other people’s fulfillment and happiness.
  • You are open-minded, creative and innovative.
  • You know what inspiration feels like. You have and want to experience it through how you serve.
  • You value life and choose to live life fully and experientially.
  • You value healthy living. Self-love and care is a priority because you like the lifestyle it gives you when your soul and your body feels whole and well.
  • You value soul expansion and are quick to release judgment and old agreements that no longer serve you.
  • You value community and connection with like-minded, wholehearted people.
  • You challenge your own assumptions.
  • You love the freedom money provides.
  • You are an employee but would like to experience all the above and be known for what you have not yet known.
  • You make decisions from a place of love and abundance and not out of scarcity or fear.
  • Three of your highest values are Truth, Love and Freedom!

What do you say?

If you don't feel the potential and freedom in your body, then just say "No - this is not for me." This is not for everyone and if "No" feels more comfortable then we agree that this is not for you, or maybe it is just not the right time. This is not a time sensitive offer. We are here and see you as whole, well and resourceful to bring to you everything you need and are seeking. 

If you feel the love and the freedom, and saying "YES!" feels zingy in your body, then honor yourself and take inspired action immediately. Choose a Sponsor and become a Wellness Advocate with dōTERRA and we will lock arms with you to support you to realize yourself as free! We will match your energy and go at the pace that is right for you.

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Still have questions? 

If you are still undecided, let's connect to learn if Raindrop Inc is a fit for you. We are all about selfcare and indecision is a sneaky form of self-sabotage and can be a huge energy leak, so we want you to feel clear and complete. Keep in mind, we are only seeking those who are seeking us and it is important to us you have enough information to make a clear decision.

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