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Like a raindrop, the expression of our passions, purpose and talents ripple through the universe touching others in ways we never expected. Raindrop Incorporated is a business and lifestyle support community to help others find the financial freedom to pursue their dreams.

While all passions and talents are brilliant, not all of them can nor should pay the bills. Learn how to infuse an optimized multi-level marketing business into your projects or business and release the agreement that it has to be hard to make ends meet. As you infuse your purpose, you will also invest in and support others in their journey towards life fulfillment. Participate in lifting the energy and inspiration of the whole community and beyond.

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Brianna "B" Jones


Brianna is a dancer, mehendi and freelance artist, and plant enthusiast.

She will teach you how to artistically express yourself and all things essential to a mehendi practice.

Throughout the process, you will learn unique ways to understand, nurture, celebrate, and resonate with the Earth.

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Kim Brenneman


Kim is the homeschooling mom of nine plus three, Iowa farm wife, Registered Nurse, and writer of all things to do with home and family. She is a practical, straightforward person and that’s how she teaches, plain and simple.

You'll learn how to be calm, be connected, and be constructive in your daily life to make your best days even better!


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Kristin Yetter


Kristin is a self proclaimed smoother and not in the "I want to mediate conflict" way. Be it folding laundry, raking, ironing, roguing corn fields or polishing rocks, she loves the sensation of creating a smooth surface. A super driven personality, Kristin can show you that it is OK to be in a continuous state of personal reinvention. 

"What is the worst thing that can happen to you?" And, "you never know who you might meet that will change your life and vice versa" are mantras that inspire Kristin to pursue adventure and mastery. Turn over that ugly rock, you might just find a beautiful and elegantly smooth way of being.

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Debra Jones


Debra seeks deep, intimate energetic connections. She prefers animals because they know who they are. But she fiercely loves people who are seeking to reclaim the way they work, think and live. 

She will co-actively guide you into your own knowing so that you freely make choices that raise your life experience -- feeling the thrill of Life breathing you.

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