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What is my oils story?!

Jun 23, 2020

"What if my prospect doesn't have an ailment?" was my question. 

"Find someone else to talk to." was the answer. 





The spacing represents how empty my response was as I sat with that answer...



...for weeks...



...and months.  


It caused me to question my ability and desire to build a business selling dōTERRA essential oils. Because I know as a coach that you cannot overcome an objection you agree with and I don't believe that essential oils are the cure-all for all ailments. Nor do I invite people to be attached to or hyper focused on their ailments. And, I do not want to seek people who do. 

I thought these might be insurmountable hurdles for me to create success in dōTERRA. Don't get me wrong, I definitely want to aid in the relief of suffering, but that is not what I want to focus on. Even though I prefer natural and holistic treatments over pharmaceuticals, I am not willing to claim something that works for me or someone else to be the thing that works for the next person and certainly not for all peoples. 

If someone comes to me with questions because they know I am a Wellness Advocate with dōTERRA, I am happy to have a conversation around my experience with essential oils akin to making a restaurant suggestion. Likewise, I might recommend my favorite entree but I am not telling someone what they should be eating and why they should be eating it. I am not a nutritionist or dietician. Similarly, I can’t make medical or wellness claims about essential oils and their benefits for particular ailments. In fact, nor can doTERRA or their competitor Young Living, as both companies are particularly aware having received warning letters for making false claims by the FDA on September 22, 2014.

Besides, I am not a medical professional or a medical intuitive. More importantly, I don’t want to build a business looking for what is “wrong” or “shouldn’t be” with people. Who am I to judge that one should be relieved of a physical condition or symptom? Maybe their body is trying to tell them something or they are learning what they need to learn through what is. I believe we can and do learn through everything. It is not mine to fix or judge. I am here to guide people to trust themselves and THEIR own knowing and take ownership of their own seeking and actions for resolution and well-being.

The other thing prescribed to me by the “experts” is that to have a successful business in dōTERRA I needed an "oil story".

An oil story?! 





How is it that I have been using essential oils for nearly 10 years and I don't have an oil story? 

It was over a cup of coffee that I contemplated my oil story. I love coffee. Every morning I look forward to my first cup of plain black coffee. Curiously I questioned if I had a “coffee story”. Not that I am considering selling coffee, but if I did, what would my story be? Would a story be required to sell coffee? According to Coffee Facts: “Coffee is the most popular beverage in the world, with more than 400 billion cups consumed each year. More than 450 million cups of coffee are consumed in the United States every day. About half of the people in the United States over the age of 18 (that's 107 million) drink coffee every day.” I’m pretty convinced those who like coffee, like me, don’t need a story. They will seek out the quality they want or, if it is important to them, how it was grown and buy it - no story required. Trying to convince people to buy and drink coffee because of my personal story might just piss them off. I drink coffee because I like it, and I like how it makes me feel and most of all, my morning ritual just isn’t the same without it. 

What if THAT is my story? -- "I've been using essential oils for nearly 10 years, simply because I enjoy them." Period. 

Essential oils are not as popular as coffee. The oil industry, while growing, is worth over $100 billion across the globe. It is reported that “market value in 2020 is nearly $19 billion USD and targeted exceed $33 billion by 2027”. 

My mind rambled on as I thought of my experiences with essential oils, like coffee, I like the experience they offer: 

Frankincense - I don't have a Frankincense “story”, but I love it. There are days I crave it. Same with Copaiba. If I want to feel sensual, Sandalwood is my go to oil. Adaptive, a doTERRA blend, -- love it. Cypress works remarkably for hemorrhoids...like that's a party-sharing story! Clary Calm, this used to be a staple...but I found it smells awful on me when I don't need it or it is not that time of the month and now that I am pre-menopausal -- forget about it. Balance, very nice. Lemon, peppermint - they are staples to enjoy in water, hot or cold. Lavender, I put it on everything from bug bites to sunburns and small wounds. Diffuser blends, I've got a book of them. Then there was the ONE blend in a roll-on...it was so deliciously lovely but it's no longer available. Hmmm...I wonder if I could find the recipe or at least try to make a similar blend. 

My oil experience is, frankly, boring and insignificant.

Maybe the joy of having and using oils is because I can. I have an extremely sensitive nose and am intolerant to many odors and strong smells. Christmas time is brutal - I can get one whiff of those scented pine cones in the red net bag and go into a serious coughing fit that most people find disturbing. A friend diagnosed me with hyperosmia when I was in the swells of a fit over the uber driver’s air freshener. Of course it's a disorder, I prefer to think of it as a feature. But the friend urged me to take it more seriously because I could die from it. Yikes! Or, more appropriately ... whatever. The bottom line for this story is that I enjoy the subtle fragrance of essential oils as most other things are overpowering. 

Oh, about 4 years ago I fantasized of an oil story I wanted to tell. Because surely that was the ONLY reason the moon and stars and everything else in the universe aligned so that I could learn from being in a body infected with genital herpes. Most unfortunately, although there is no cure, I was confident that I could heal myself of HSV-2 symptoms using a magical blend of essential oils. I did my PubMed online research and made my very expensive concoction -- a blend of Melissa, Roman Chamomile, Geranium, Ginger, Melaleuca, Lavender, Peppermint and Eucalyptus. I applied twice daily as directed (made up by me). I convinced myself that I could rid myself of this virus through strong intention and the all natural, lipophilic, virucidal activities of certain essential oils. Maybe I was really grasping for a reason and understanding of why the universe chose to grace me with a virus associated with such a debilitating stigma that many tailspin into depression, deep shame, and, in the worst cases, suicide. 

Thankfully there are three antiviral medications that are FDA-approved for the treatment of genital herpes. I was so focused on the "cure" that I failed to notice that the true benefit of my daily application of oils was in supporting me emotionally and energetically. While I cannot help you cure your herpes, I am confident I can help you shift the most negative impact of the infection. Namely, the stigma to which Dr. Christine Johnston, associate professor in the division of allergy and infectious diseases at the University of Washington School of Medicine, refers to as "...the most negative impact -- it's more than the actual clinical symptoms." 

There is one pretty incredible oil blend that I made up. It's labeled for my mom, Marilyn's Oil Blend.

It has been the only thing that has given her relief from bed sores. Because of my ineffectiveness of healing my own body I was not quick to jump to conclusions that I had everything in my black bag to help my mom. But nothing they had been given by hospice or her doctor was working. So I didn't have anything to lose. After a week or so of use, her bed sores were totally gone. They only fully returned once. It was when she was transferred to a nursing home for respite. Since the staff could not treat her with the oil blend spray because it was not a medical prescription, it served as a test of the oil blend’s effectiveness on my mom’s bedsores. She came home with bed sores after five days of respite care. So I keep her bottle filled. 

Yet even that story is not enough to send me to every nursing home with a bag of magic oils. My experience with essential oils is they do not work consistently across all peoples and may work no better than a placebo. Placebo effects are real but it involves lying or misleading a person into believing in false benefits. No thank you. However, if you have a loved one who is suffering from bedsores, you can try the recipe I make for my mom but consult their physician first. I trust the worst thing that can happen is that she smells nice. For those who can only get a bed bath, that means a lot. 

So...yeah, I guess I do have an oil story...several actually. And the best one is yet to come as I believe dōTERRA's best product is their payout plan. As far as the products, I will stick to my best story: "I've been using essential oils for nearly 10 years, simply because I enjoy them." Kind of like life, if we are only looking for the big events, we miss the simple moments that matter the most. I actually don't have "an oil for that". 

Here's to realizing ourselves as free, breathing deeply, being in the moment and trusting our knowing - to know when to share an oil and when there is nothing to fix.


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