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The Real-Time Story of Ranking Diamond in 90-Days

Jul 18, 2020

Behold I make all things new! -- at least that is the intention :)

I have done my safety check and I cannot put it off any longer -- my crisis will be the great revealer. You can watch the Raindrop Incorporated story of me seeing what this “vehicle” can do [with me as the driver] in real-time! 

I will speak my truth as I know it and promise not to bright-side the story or embellish it with drama. I will update this post regularly. I am whole, well and resourceful. I have everything I need and I will take action from my inner knowing at the pace of love.

May I be met in perfect ways and be accountable to my receptivity. 

Objective: Make an additional $10,000 to pay taxes by Oct 15, and jump start a way to create a sustainable living doing what I love with those I love.

Goal: Test drive dōTERRA as Raindrop's vehicle of choice and reach Diamond Rank in 90-days.

WHY: To dissolve the ‘starving artist syndrome’ and compassionately connect humanity through the way we work, think, and live. 

HOW: Throw out the pay-for-service model and use a back-end financial engine so we can offer our services FREELY while creating a sustainable living doing what we love with those we love. Currently, we are incorporating the payout infrastructure of dōTERRA, a network marketing company who sells high quality essential oils.

WHAT: We are a soulicious community of artists and investors serving each other through selfcare and authentic expression. 

My life is my teacher; the lesson is in the day. So regardless the outcome, I will learn through this test drive of the dōTERRA “Freedom or Bust Bus”.  

My soul knows my requirements and will never pass up an opportunity to grow. I release the alignment to my history and the ways I have always done things. I release the fear of being too much or not enough or being what others want and need me to be.

My prayer: May I be changed. May I realize myself as free and know it is safe to be known and seen. So it is. My greatest desire is for God to express through me. I am willing. I am love. So I am. 

Week 29

  • Personal crisis
  • Revisited the dōTERRA business building training I received from Allyse Sedivy, Triple Diamond, top income-earning dōTERRA distributor.
  • Strategized and calendarized a plan to reach dōTERRA Diamond Rank in 90-days.
  • Created the Raindrop Becoming Elite course. It's a sexy system to reach dōTERRA Elite rank in 4-weeks. The math works. Of course it's never been done as I am creating it and executing nearly simultaneously. I cannot do this alone, it will be a co-created course with those who join me. We will tweak it based on the results of the activities and exercises until it is a system that resonates and is proven to work for the independent, critical thinking artistic misfit types. 

  • Created a Bumble Biz profile to connect with like-minded people.
  • Jobbed 7h 15m. Selfcare is my work; jobbing is my job. I currently need to job about 100 hours a month [until this financial engine is generating income] to make ends meet. So the next two weeks I need to clock a minimum of 80 hours. There is no lack of work to do, time is my constraint.
  • Current dōTERRA Organization:



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