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Stepping into My Enoughness

Jul 06, 2020


Today, July 7, 2020, and the first Tuesday of every month, I am offering a free, online interactive group-coaching session. It is me showing up in my enoughness and supporting those who want clarity around who they are -- their values, their purpose and vision. Register here. Registrants must confirm through email to give us permission to hold their spot.

Know who I am.

It took a global pandemic and the greatest civil rights upheaval since the 1960s to jolt me out of my paralysis and rekindle my soul’s deepest desire -- to compassionately connect humanity through the way we work, think and live. My true service, my artistry, is to empower people to take conscious control of their lives, to express themselves fully and find authentic happiness in whatever way is perfect for them that supports the highest good of all. 

My most powerful coaching transformations never involved an exchange of money. I claim my worthiness through something much greater than money -- I require an exchange of life energy. This energetic exchange does not know any social economic status, gender or race. It’s gritty, it’s raw and it’s real. I am stepping into my enoughness. Now. 

My current, heartfelt vision is for us as artists, service-based business owners and entrepreneurial-minded people who work with our hands and hearts to realize ourselves as free in a very practical, sustainable way. I want us to experience the freedom to create from our authentic expression, at the pace of love. This delivery of art is alchemical and is our greatest gift to share. As we embody freedom and decorate our hearts with our artistry it ripples joy and raises the vibration of the planet.

What else really matters other than connection with the people you love, doing what you love, and allowing that level of simplicity to change the world? 

This is a basic human need and desire that is damn hard to fulfill with the systems that we have set up around us. We need to change it. We need to change the systems. As it has been said: be the change you want to see in the world. So I am. 

I am transmuting and reclaiming “the opportunity” of network marketing -- warning this is considered “prohibited content”. It is sexy, so please hear me out. I have co-created a system and a soulicious community that infuses the payout infrastructure of dōTERRA, a network marketing company who sells high quality essential oils, into our collective business offerings and artistry. It is through the monthly purchase and consumption of dōTERRA products that artists and investors serve each other. The structure looks less like a pyramid and more like a house

To make this system work, the community, Raindrop Incorporated, requires two types of people: Investors (our base/foundation; the 80%) and Artists (the upper room; the pyramid part; the 20%).

Raindrop Investors make up the majority of the community. These are people who are already doing what they love and are able to sustainably take care of themselves and their loved ones. The last thing these people want is a “network marketing opportunity”, but they value natural solutions and love to support people who work with their hands and hearts. These people are our investors - their monthly purchase of dōTERRA wellness products, for their own personal consumption, feeds Raindrop Artists. In exchange for their product purchases from dōTERRA, Investors have full access to the entire community of Raindrop Artists to learn from and to be inspired by. It’s kinda like an online Makers Space, similar to UDEMY, but instead of buying individual courses or services, you purchase products from a personal wholesale customer account with dōTERRA that is linked to a Raindrop Artist. But you don’t just get access to that artist, your active dōTERRA account number gives you access to an entire community of artists. All for just integrating high quality products into your wellness and selfcare regime, many of which can replace common products you are already purchasing and consuming.

Raindrop Artists make up the balance of the community. They are entrepreneurial-minded creative types with resolve. They might be a service provider, stay-at-home parent, student, yoga teacher, painter, horse trainer, gardener, hairdresser, chef, story teller, sculptor, poet, pet caretaker, traveler, or a budding artist -- but they are all wholehearted creative humans, resolved to their inner knowing. They participate in the community as an Artist and Wellness Advocate with dōTERRA because they want to create a sustainable living doing whatever inspires them and sparks joy in the moment, free of financial stress, time obligations or location confinement. They want to realize themselves as free in all ways so they can create alchemic art from a place of love and abundance. Established artists teach and inspire the entire Raindrop Community through Raindrop's online teaching platform and private membership groups. All of us Artists work together, supporting one another through elevated conversation, inspiration and giving each other permission to step into our greatest and truest expressions. Established artists support incoming artists by matching their energy and collectively building a greater, productive organization. We are quick to transfer enrollments of incoming artists to less established artists to support the vision and greater good of all involved.

The beauty of this is that no one in the community is buying products that are not equal or greater than the value of the product alone. dōTERRA essential oils are easily incorporated into your daily life simply by swapping out some of your everyday products for oils. I’ve personally been using them for nearly 10 years, without any real compensation. Essential oils offer a natural solution for cleaning, bathing and personal care, relaxation and sleep, exercising, cooking, and elevating one’s mood. Often people reduce clutter and save money as they swap out some of their current home and personal care items to dōTERRA’s natural home and self-care solutions. 

This is hugely important to manifesting the intention of Raindrop Incorporated -- for us creative types, to realize ourselves as free and in doing so, raise the vibration of the planet and be the lifting of the world to a higher agreement, dissolving the ‘starving artist syndrome’! Since the value is matched by the products alone, Raindrop Artists are not pressured to add more value by providing services, commissioning pieces, producing content or art for the sake of production or obligation. In fact, because the source of income for Artists is driven by Investors’ product purchases and the doTERRA payout infrastructure, they have the utmost freedom to experiment and refine their craft. Artistry forced from an energy of lack and scarcity is not alchemical. If Artists create from a place of pressure to produce, this will perpetuate the old. We want to unpattern the collective agreement and shred old contracts between an investor and an artist. 

For those who want to be part of the Raindrop Community but do not want to be affiliated with dōTERRA in any way, they can become a Raindrop Sponsor and pay a monthly membership fee. 100% of membership fees go toward qualifying scholarships for newly enrolling artists to help pay for their enrollment kits.

Behold, we make all things new.  Raindrop Incorporated is shifting our economic paradigm allowing us to serve one another through selfcare and authentic expression. 

This is not about dōTERRA! dōTERRA is simply our “vehicle'' and it will remain so as long as it is meeting our needs by creating a sustainable living for each of us in a community of passionate, creative humans doing what we love with those we love. This is true love. This is essential selfcare!

Selfcare is not selfish. Brianna Wiest says it best: “True selfcare is not salt baths and chocolate cake, it is making the choice to build a life you don’t need to regularly escape from”. 

As I mentioned, today and the first Tuesday of every month -- as long as there is at least one person registered, I am offering a free, online webinar. This is not a sales funnel for Raindrop; it is pure coaching. It truly is me showing up in my enoughness and supporting those who want clarity around who they are -- their values, their purpose and vision. I am acting as if Raindrop Incorporated is supporting me to be in full service and expression. My style of coaching does not make for a sustainable coaching business. I am all about “unprogramming” not creating programs. My greatest success is not to be needed. I support you through life’s “pinch points” by  introducing or redirecting you to your inner knowing. It’s juicy and requires a great deal of energy exchange, but not in the form of money.  I won’t spend one minute during the webinar to solicit membership as upselling does not support my talent, my artistry or my service. I have surrendered to my service and trust that somehow that agreement will find a way to sustain me in a new way, at the cost of the old.

That is my sexy and “prohibited content” vision of Raindrop Incorporated. If, after the webinar you are feeling inspired, you, as a registrant, will receive  an email explaining in more detail how you can participate in Raindrop and inviting you to share the benefits with others but only if you want to. You are free, you are free, you are free.



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