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Raindrop is not dōTERRA, Raindrop is Us.

Jun 18, 2020

It’s been 7 months since I returned from Prague and I am just now unravelling why I choose network marketing as our "vehicle"; why I couldn’t keep things simple and just be like all other dōTERRA Wellness Advocates and build a business selling oils; why I have to make it so damn complicated. No doubt my enroller, Kacie Vaudrey, has exhausted herself asking these same questions. She felt my intense energy and attraction to network marketing so much so that she invested in an all-expense-paid dōTERRA business building training with Allyse Sedivy hosted in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Allyse Sedivy is a Triple Diamond, top income-earning dōTERRA distributor and a phenomenal trainer. While I was reluctant to attend a week long training, Kacie assured me that it would be life-changing and it absolutely was. The transformational experience, though, had little to do with the training. This is not about dōTERRA. 

While walking down a country road, I spied a farmer plowing his fields. As he turned to plow the next round he stopped his John Deere tractor and waved me over; without hesitation I took his invitation and jumped in the cab. On the next pass, he gave me the wheel, without having any idea I had ever driven a tractor. The farmer and I gestured, pantomimed, used facial expressions and laughter to communicate. It was enough to connect and make each other’s day. I was smitten by Prague and gifted with a desire to travel more of the world. At week’s end, I left with a full heart having connected with a handful of new, lifetime friends that are sprinkled around the world.

This is truly NOT about dōTERRA. Regardless, there was enough residual dōTERRA momentum that I came home from Prague with an intention to follow my calendarized plan and step-by-step checklist impeccably. I claimed I was not going to resist this network marketing opportunity because I really need a secondary income stream for my daughter and me. I promptly ordered more oils, sampling supplies, books and booklets -- everything I needed for in-home classes -- and began connecting with the target audience proven to create success in dōTERRA, according to Allyse. I was motivated, organized and ready to kick butt. I had Kacie’s full support and engagement since she had just invested over $2000 in me. I want to prove to her that her investment was one well spent.

And here it is, 7 months later with no new enrollments. My organizational tree looks the same as it did over two years ago when we first launched Raindrop Incorporated: me, my founding Artists and a handful of Investors. God bless these souls!

I play a game with our dog Lucy. With Frisbie in hand I say, “ready” followed by a short pause, then “set” to build anticipation followed by a painfully long pause before saying “go” and releasing the Frisbie. Instantly she bolts, fueled with all the pent up energy of anticipation. 

I did the same thing with this attempt at doTERRA. I got “ready” and “set”, but I wasn’t fueled with the energy required to follow the very simple actions steps I had outlined to reach my ranks according to plan. I gave a lot of oils away, many of which I never followed up on. Like Lucy, if I wait too long to say “go”, she loses interest and I have to start over...with “ready”, “set”. I was THAT person Allyse warned us about.

It took a global pandemic and the greatest civil rights upheaval since the 1960s to jolt me out of my paralysis. Revelation is only in a moment but sometimes it takes a long time coming. I had been missing my big WHY and it took profound division amongst the people I love the most (the country of my birth) to finally reveal itself. My WHY is not about dōTERRA, it’s not about me getting what I want. It’s about something bigger than myself. Big enough to fuel me into seemingly involuntary action, to act with deliberation and certainty. This is about me living my WHY, my big WHY. A WHY that is large enough and embodied enough that it simply refuses to be ignored. You too have a WHY. 

I have surrendered to my WHY and I am taking that seemingly involuntary action from my “knowing” to compassionately connect humanity through the way we work, think and live. Simon Sinek, a motivational guru I follow, tells us that when we pivot with WHY, especially in times of crisis, we embrace the opportunities we have in this modern world to bring our WHY to life in entirely new ways

My missing “go” needed to come from my WHY -- not from all the sound advice and direction that I have been given by people who have created unbelievable success in their lives. Someone else’s success, prescribed through an easy and repeatable step-by-step process, just wasn't deep enough to deter me from giving up or getting distracted. Now that I am aligned with my true, big WHY, I no longer question but stand unapologetically wearing the label of a network marketer. So much so that I confidently invite other determined and wholehearted creatives, resolved to their inner knowing, to join this connected, collective experience. Many of you, I imagine, have given network marketing a fair go. So, will you join us? Not so we can swap stories or compare battle wounds, but because you will be validated and inspired. I am fully aware there will be precious cargo on board -- your unrealized hopes and dreams that you barely have the energy to whisper, the promises you have given to your children that they might know a new world, and your tenuous and exhausting grip on inadequacies that tell you that you are unworthy. I get it and I welcome you to come aboard because I have chosen the safest, and most energy efficient vehicle possible. For what it is worth, I have unflagging belief in you -- enough to bridge the gap from where you are to where you can believe in yourself and have the capacity to hold space for others.

Like I said in Who We Are -- I spent the first half of my life, I am 53, with an underlying current of a question: "Do I matter?". I am stepping into my power and shifting to what I know is true: "I came to matter". “I do matter”. “You matter”. Yet, nothing we "do" really matters. I am finding that not ONE single thing matters. We matter as beings and by being. It is not what we do but who we are and as we realize who and what we are, our service is simply that: to be who you are and "do" from that place. Allowing Life to breathe through you. I love that feeling. This is Living. To live our artistry is to dare to Live.

Understand, my passion and drive is not out of egotism nor is it self sacrificing. I thrive in that energy that is greater than my own desire -- the passion and fire experienced in working in the light of a greater collective as we all Live our WHYs. 

Friends and fellow artists, I am giving this my all. Those who know me, know I will not back down in the face of any obstacle under this energetic assignment. I have chosen it as much as it has chosen me and I feel much the same about dōTERRA. As you know, my WHY is to compassionately connect humanity through the way we work, think and live and I founded BodyMindBusiness, LLC. to catalyze and awaken, to shift teams, companies and individuals to become strong forces, sparking greater corporate and collective consciousness. I believe dōTERRA echo’s this sentiment by what it is actively doing in the world.

I am here and I am willing to be known...for YOU, at the cost of you not being given a chance to Live your WHY.

It has been said, “you cannot be a victim and a master at the same time”. Will you come aboard the “Freedom or Bust Bus” and dare to master your artistry...your life at the cost of victimhood? 

Before you get your “ticket”, you need to know what you are signing up for and scrutinize the inspection checklist. Keep in mind, this is not a time sensitive call, you are welcome to watch the Raindrop Incorporated story unfold in real-time here (Splash). I will speak my truth and promise not to bright-side the story or embellish it with drama. You have everything you need to know what you need to know and take action from that place at the pace of love.


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