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Raindrop Inc. Artist's Vehicle Inspection Checklist

Jun 16, 2020

Raindrop Incorporated is not about dōTERRA. It is about truly reclaiming the way we work, think and live, and supporting you to bring your WHY to life. Daring to do things differently so we can realize abundance. Stop making decisions from a place of fear and financial dependency. We are choosing love and creating a sustainable living doing what we love. Changing the vibration of the planet through full expression of one's true self for all peoples is my dream and Raindrop Incorporated is a manifestation of this intention.

The best analogy that comes to mind is that dōTERRA is our vehicle. No doubt there are many types of vehicles to choose from but I have chosen a network marketing company. It is an experiment to combine the potential of a network marketing payout model to fund a community of energetic creative and independent people who want to do and share what inspires them. 

Who am I to choose such a vehicle?

I have run the gamut of network marketing companies [find more on this in Our Story...] and while most hide behind a thin veneer of honesty and integrity, I have higher regard for the products, marketing, and payout structure of dōTERRA. I purchased their products even while not participating in the payout structure, and continue to do so even though most months my compensation doesn’t even cover the cost of shipping [here are the numbers...]. Over the years with dōTERRA, I have watched brand new Wellness Advocates start and in a few years walk away from their high paying and stressful jobs because they were making more in their dōTERRA business. Most built their business slowly using the traditional network marketing approach following the recipe prospect lists, home parties and give-aways. This worked, even in the early years before dōTERRA’s current level of brand acceptance, international presence, and sophisticated marketing techniques. And certainly before the majority (72%) of U.S. consumers believe in the scientific validity of essential oils for health and wellness practices.

Beyond the obvious attraction to leveraging my time and generating a long-term residual income, I am attracted to network marketing’s equanimity. Network marketing blatantly declares itself and by definition is hierarchical. But this only applies to financial distributions. Your upline is not your boss and you are not her subordinate. You do not need to relinquish your autonomy or do what someone else says. There is equal opportunity for all people, regardless of education, job experience, industry knowledge, credentials, status, race, or gender. There is no glass ceiling in network marketing, unlike corporate jobs, I can make more than my hierarchical leader if I am effective at finding and developing other leaders who are effective at developing and educating people to be effective at sharing products to create sales.

After years of product usage, observation and experience, I can say that I am qualified to verify dōTERRA as the most logical vehicle for Raindrop Incorporated. My analysis has been thorough and my experience with dōTERRA is reassuring. Enough so that I am entering back into this industry and will allow myself to know it in a new way. 

Below is my "Raindrop Inc. Artist's Vehicle Inspection Checklist" for your review and scrutiny. 

Let's review the "Vehicle Inspection Checklist" together:

“Under the Hood” Inspection Summary Report:

  • dōTERRA’s compensation plan is sound. I love that they pay out the highest percentages at the lowest levels. It incentivises leaders to help their team reach the ranks they need and desire to Live their WHY. 
  • They pay 7 people every time a product is sold, no matter what.
  •  dōTERRA is the world’s largest essential oil company and fast approaching $2 billion in sales. Customers love the products; even after 5 years, nearly 70% are still buying dōTERRA products. This is impressive given that the direct selling industry averages near 10%. 
  • It is not a myth that the people at the top make the most money. According to the 2018 dōTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary, Presidential Diamonds, dōTERRA’s highest rank, average $1,295,857 in annual earnings. I don’t know about you but I don’t require this kind of income to be financially free. Seventeen percent of leaders are making over $100k/year and 38% are earning an average of $59,500, which is a greater annual income than my current employment for which I was hired because I have a scientific Master's degree and over 30 years experience in industry. 
  • They don’t have a car bonus! This makes my heart sing because I've known too many network marketing distributors in other companies go into debt buying products or compromising their integrity to maintain their rank to qualify for their "free car" bonus. Instead, dōTERRA sends their leaders to participate in community-benefiting projects for farmers, harvesters, and distillers, their families and communities. Delicious!
  • dōTERRA has presence in over 100 countries and  is opening up more geographies each year. Knowing that there are expanding areas of opportunity is super juicy for me because we can compassionately connect with more of humanity and it is beyond what I could ever achieve as a solopreneur.  

“Walk Around and Kick the Tires” Inspection Summary Report:

  • dōTERRA is legit and they have been around for 12 years, founded in May 2008. I don’t have the energy for a startup company, especially an MLM company. I need to have unshakable trust and assurance in this “vehicle”. It is unlikely that dōTERRA would have passed this “vehicle inspection” 10 years ago. So I am not interested in hearing old stories if you were with dōTERRA in their start-up years. It is like judging a bad boy-friend that Life turned into a helluva husband for a future wife. The same goes for you, I will not use your past failures to predict your future success. You are here and I welcome you, no matter what!  
  • According to Market Research Future’s Global Essential Oils Market Research Report: “The Global Essential Oils Market is expected to grow at a significant rate of 7.5% from 2019 to 2024 to reach a market value of USD 12.74 billion by the end of 2024”. So people are going to buy essential oils with or without us. Let’s help them to feel good about their purchases knowing that when they buy from us they provide the foundation for us to Live our WHYs 💙. Sing your song!
  • dōTERRA’s products are consumable and users need to replenish their goods, unlike the lifetime baking pan that was gifted to me by a friend for which I only need one.  dōTERRA is committed to the development of new innovative products and exclusive essential oils and I have been impressed with their new product lines. 
  • dōTERRA markets their oils "CPTG® - Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade". It is important to me that they are 100% pure, unadulterated and safe for my use. But I don't think "CPTG" grade is a "thing" and is purely for marketing purposes, since there is not a governing authority that verifies it to be true or better than pure oils not claimed to be CPTG®. They actually can't because dōTERRA owns the trademark. But I have tried other brands of oils and I can tell the difference just in the smell, so I have always gone back to dōTERRA. The cheaper brands are more expensive in my over sensitive smell opinion, because they are unusable. So, I do not know who is "certifying" the oils or that anyone is. I trust they are being tested and yes, I wish there was a defined standard that is universally applied to essential oils, but there is not.
  • Because of dōTERRA’s high standard of quality, many of the oils can be ingested and most used on people of all ages, from babies to the most elderly. They can also benefit many pets. Someday I will have to take a video of offering oils to my horses. I never use oils on our horses without their permission. They make it obvious what oil they prefer and it is rare they don’t choose at least one that I offer them.  

“Interior” Inspection Summary Report:

  • dōTERRA has an impressive team of business executives and of scientists, all with extensive experience:  Founding Executives, Scientists, Medical Advisory Board and Veterinarian Advisory Board.  
  • I do wish the executive group was more diverse across gender, race and religious beliefs as all their Founding Executives are white and all men except for Emily Wright, a beautiful white, blonde-haired woman. David Stirling, Founding Executive and the CEO and chairman of dōTERRA, is Mormon, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS). My personal bias leaves me suspicious that the entire executive group is as well. However, I do not need them to be any different than they are as they have an exemplary reputation. I have not yet met them.  Ura P Auckland, an Australian Blue Diamond Leader whose passion is stewardship, ethical business and abundance and helping humanity awaken to the fact that power is theirs to claim (he is not associated with the LDS church) describes dōTERRA in this way: “They are, in my opinion, the most integrous, congruent, and caring large corporation on the face of the planet managed under the stewardship of seven extraordinary souls on a mission to make a difference in the world”. May it be so!
  • dōTERRA is privately owned. That is a win in my opinion, because being private gives the company more freedom to retain its focus and strategy to improve the health and wellness of its customers and more agility to pivot and change when required. They can respond more quickly and decisively to opportunities or challenges as they work to create superior value for customers and long-term value for the company. And not being publicly traded, dōTERRA's shareholders can reinvest in the company to provide the financial strength necessary for growth.
  • Since I am passionate about compassionately connecting humanity through the way we work, think and live, dōTERRA’s humanitarian efforts appeal to my bias. But, dōTERRA was founded with a social enterprise mindset. I know of two corporate social responsibility initiatives that have expanded the social purpose of the company: dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation, offers resources and tools to global sourcing communities and charitable organizations for self-reliance, healthcare, education, sanitation, and the fight against human trafficking and Co-Impact Sourcing, a supply chain program that creates shared value for all stakeholders in the supply chain.
  • I also understand dōTERRA has a health care initiative that incorporates integrative medicine with modern healthcare practices. They are committed to helping people become more health conscious, improving awareness of people's wellness options and devoting resources towards the best science and medical practices for good health in efforts to help transform the American healthcare. 

“Start the Engine” Inspection Summary Report:

  • I have and will continue to consume all the products I purchase each month. I went into serious debt with the first network marketing company I joined, buying products to advance or maintain my rank. Good gawd, I still come across a bottle of something now and again. Never again!
  • This business can be done alongside what you are currently doing. The time can be found by closing current energy leaks and the support and inspiration of the Raindrop Inc community will fuel you with empowerment to make it work at the pace that is right for you and your family.
  • We are here for you and will match your energy and requirements and work within your current constraints. If you need to make or replace your current monthly income or make $10,000/month in 30-days, it will take a colossal effort but can and has been done. We are all tapping into Allyse Sedivy's training programs. As a dōTERRA Triple Diamond, Allyse generates nearly $400,000 per month (YES, that is correct, per month) in commissions. She is incredibly generous and freely teaches the exact system she has perfected to create success for so many dōTERRA Wellness Advocates across the world and income brackets. Her systems are sexy and we will not recreate an iron clad system. We will only tweak the training to appeal to our “ideal customer” who is an entrepreneurial-minded creative type with resolve, rather than the traditional health-conscious person looking for natural remedies for ailments.
  • The system is simple, but it is not easy. It will require consistency and courage, but we will never put you in a position that would compromise your values or integrity. 

What would you do if you could do anything and not need to make money doing it? 

What would it feel like to make decisions from a place of love and freedom? 

Imagine what you could do without fear, given what you have already done in the face of fear?! We are here to validate you, give you permission and show you who you truly are and how you can serve from that place, living in abundance doing what you love.

Do you have everything you need? Do you need to review the “itinerary” -- if so schedule time to chat with me. If you have what you need, grab your "ticket" and a seat.

I will close with a few more words from Simon Sinek: If what you do reflects what you believe in your values then we know who you are. I have never been more aligned - I am willing to be known!

A-L-L Aboard!

This is not a time sensitive call, you are welcome to watch the Raindrop Incorporated story unfold, in real time here in Splash and our associated social media sites. I will speak my truth and promise not to bright-side the story or embellish it with drama. 

Buckle up! Let's get this vehicle on the road as I have been driving this supercharged, souped-up bus around town for way too long!


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