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Number Stories

Jun 01, 2020

Like most kids, I hated story problems, but maybe unlike most, loved number stories. As far back as I remember I have tracked my money flow, both in and out...to the penny. Maybe it comes from sitting with my mom for hours as she sorted through piles of receipts, grain elevator tags and cattle sale tickets, transcribing numbers by hand in a big red binder with lots of tiny rows and columns, now known as a ledger. I felt so privileged when she allowed me to enter numbers in the big table top adding machine and the streams of paper ribbon seemed to measure the success of the day. 

I witnessed her stress turn to confidence as she found answers for all the farm’s business questions in the number stories. When she was complete with her analysis, she would call my dad in and reference the facts. These number stories were the basis of many decisions. 

So it is not a surprise that I heeded the number stories around dōTERRA when considering it as a potential vehicle for Raindrop Incorporated. I wanted to know my spending with dōTERRA from the beginning until now. How much did I spend monthly? What was my incentive? What was my spending in relation to my income? Have I ever gotten compensated for my spending? Did I ever break even? If so, when and why? If not, why not. Was my spending consistent? If not, why; if so, why? Could my spending be an indicator of the spending we might observe for Raindrop Investors?

I ran the numbers in Quickbooks and exported them into Excel because unlike my parents who could look at the numbers, I need pictures.

Like most who first enroll with dōTERRA, I didn’t purchase much after my initial kit because it supplied me with what I needed to try a few oils and discover what they were about. Besides in those years, coming out of a divorce and bankruptcy, I was not in a financial position to buy anything that was not a basic necessity. 

In October of 2013 I accepted a career type job offer, hence the abrupt change of income. I accepted a salaried position that offered significant money, for me at least, that was packaged with full benefits, a retirement plan and paid vacation days. It supplied me with cash flow to buy things beyond the very basics. In December of that year we moved to Idaho, for the permanent location of the position. My daughter’s dad also moved to Idaho. Now that she was 8 years old, she started spending Saturdays and full weekends with her dad a couple times a month. I remember our separation being very difficult for me. Initially I intentionally filled my “free time” with cleaning and catching up on house chores and work. However, I knew it wasn’t healthy as it was coming from a place of self-medicating to numb the loneliness. So I claimed I would use that time for me -- and labeled these alone-time-Saturdays as “Selfcare Saturdays”. I didn’t want a prescription of what they should look like; I wanted each and every one to be organic and require me to tap into my inner knowing to serve me holistically in a way that would nurture self love and true well-being. 

These days varied dramatically, but one thing they generally had in common was oils. I found oils that I liked and enjoyed. Some like Deep Blu, were used to help recover after a hard day of recreating or a quad-tastic workout or repeats up and down the Snake River Canyon, but mostly I used the oils because they made me feel good -- shifting my mood. So it was no surprise that I ordered monthly to qualify for 30% off, even though an order of 50PV (personal volume that translates to $50-75) satisfied the requirement. I spent well over that most months because I was consuming the products. 

What I find particularly interesting in this number story is I continued to buy monthly, even after I lost my job. These purchases now fell into the “necessities” bucket of my budget, because there was no other reason to buy. I was not getting compensated in any way for my purchases. My spending decreased down to the minimum required to maintain my discount, but I was actually spending a greater percentage of my money on dōTERRA than I did when I had, what I would consider, financial freedom. 

It is true that our spending habits reflect our values. Maybe that is why I like number stories -- it’s just the facts and can offer great insight. That and our calendar -- where we spend our time and who we spend it with is a reflection of your health, wealth and wellness. 

The initial idea for Raindrop came Feb 2018. That’s when I enrolled my business (BodyMindBusiness, LLC) as a Wellness Advocate with dōTERRA. I bought a big kit and even though I got significantly compensated for my enrollment of 3 people, I didn’t break even, but continued to buy and still do at an average of $189/mo, well over my required LRP (Loyalty Rewards Program) as an active wellness advocate. These numbers may be discouraging to people just starting out in dōTERRA, but also familiar to those of us who are old hands at network marketing. I know my dōTERRA efforts and my energetic commitment in Raindrop up to this point have not been sufficient to build a successful, income-generating dōTERRA business. 

My point in all this is:  I am not asking anyone, particularly a Raindrop Incorporated Investor, to buy products that are not equal or greater than the value of the product alone. Period. This is hugely important to manifesting the intention of Raindrop Incorporated. Because I DO NOT want Raindrop Incorporated Artists feeling pressured to add more value and produce content or art for the sake of production. Forced from an energy of lack and scarcity versus from the highest energy available to them. 

The whole intention around Raindrop is for artists to realize themselves as free in a very practical, sustainable way, to have the freedom to create out of their authentic expression, at the pace of love. 

If they had to create from a place of pressure to produce, this would be creating more of the old, we want to unpattern the collective agreement and shred the old contracts between an investor and an artist. My deepest desire is for all of us creative types, to realize ourselves as free and in doing so, raise the vibration of the planet and be the lifting of the world to a higher agreement. This is alchemic artistry!

I currently have location freedom, but I am living paycheck to paycheck and trading time for money, so that location freedom cannot be fully realized because I don't have the money to go the places I want to go, and if I did, I would be spending my time working the same hours just with a different backdrop and not have the luxury of being present with my environment, which should not be a luxury as it is essential to our being. That being said, I would much rather have location freedom, working where and when I want to work, than to be in time and location “jail”. Most days I do feel free with my animals and my daughter as my office mates, but I welcome the possibility of realizing freedom in all ways as I, like the greater majority of Americans, cannot weather a $500/mo hit. But I can and will take a $215 monthly hit until I cannot. Surely we can break even in a couple months. The beauty of it all, is that I cannot do it alone, I require you too to know yourself as free so I too can realize the same. 

What if we all had time, money AND location freedom? As you can see, I have never experienced these three aspects simultaneously but I am committed to moving the needle on this for all persons who would like to also. They have, thus far, felt mutually exclusive. I want to know myself as free always and in all ways, for all peoples. I want to know what it feels like to experience time, money AND location freedom - all at the same time. 

What are the requirements you ask?

First, you must be in possibility. Secondly, you must be aligned to your own knowing, only you know if partnering with Raindrop Incorporated is in your highest good. Because even though it is simple, it is not easy. The enrollment requirements and execution for a Raindrop Artist are optimized and systematic -- all very straightforward and easy to follow. But it is not easy to unpattern generations and perhaps lifetimes of beliefs, contracts and agreements entangled and weighted in judgement, separation, lack, and unworthiness. Beyond the unpatterning, we require you to speak your truth as you know it always and in all ways. You must make selfcare your priority and be the master of your life.

Selfcare is not selfish, it is your most sacred work. Sleep. Sleep is absolutely essential to your well-being. Be. Your serving is in your being, not your doing. Doing must come from your being and knowing you are enough. Love. You need to show up for yourself and trust your critical thinking. Use your words. Love yourself and treat yourself in the way you want others to express love to you.

Are you willing to do the work to know yourself as free? Yes? Join us as a Raindrop Artist or if you already know this freedom for yourself, join us a Raindrop Investor or Raindrop Sponsor to support us through your resources and energy as the system can only work with your commitment to invest in us through the investment of your own selfcare!


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