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Let's build a house!

May 31, 2020

Months after the initial inspirational fire hose of Raindrop, I did what I felt I had to do. I got a job. A job is what I needed to create income so that I could provide for my daughter and our multi-species family. But it came at cost. Because once again I caved to RESISTENCE and unwillingness to be uncomfortable asking people for help, even after reading the The Art of Asking: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let People Help, by Amanda Palmer. I had made it about me and I fell into the dark, old familiar place of not trusting myself. Because the idea of Raindrop came so suddenly, it felt divinely inspired and the potential if it whispered a new way of being. But the inclusion of a Network Marketing company felt mired in the old [more on this later...].

I remember sitting on the back of my horse, bareback, bridleless and free in the moment but distraught because the math felt like the same old scam. "Three, who get three, who get three"… and so on. While it sounds good at the top, the traditional network marketing payout model is essentially flawed because after 20 levels we exceed the population of the planet!

Exponential growth is what makes the payout seem so sweet but is ultimately its downfall. To make the model palatable -- and by that I mean that it is NOT OKAY that the top reaps outrageous payouts at the expense and struggle of the bottom -- but that all those involved, regardless of position, have the potential to benefit.  I imagined a house -- a rectangle with a pyramid on top -- and it was a new view. YES - What if we built a house instead of a pyramid?

I thought of all the years that I spent buying dōTERRA as a customer solely because I loved their products. The payout structure of any network marketing company, like most organizations, is hierarchical. But being the person at the top of my little pyramid, I was not willing to make money at the cost of those at the bottom. 

I asked myself, "What if the people at the 'bottom' didn’t want to make any money? What if they were only interested in buying dōTERRA's essential oils and selfcare products for themselves and those they loved? I discovered that 80% of all new dōTERRA members in the United States join as Wholesale Customers or Retail Customers; that is the making of a solid foundation! What if they loved that their investment in themselves simultaneously provided creative humans a sustainable living doing "what they loved"?.

I knew as a customer of a network marketing company, a percentage of my dollars spent was being paid to the person I enrolled under. I was good with that, but I would have been delighted to know that my money was in some way supporting my enroller to follow her dreams or dare to do something different. I want to know that my enroller is doing something more than just buying new furniture (which is OK but not enough).  If my participation in a network marketing model could help support artists transition from "starving" to abundance, I would be thrilled. Changing the vibration of the planet through full expression is my dream.

That sounds delicious. The idea of fostering inspiration and inclusion in an entire community of artists, simply for investing in my own selfcare and those I love, is not just delicious - it's soulicious!

The events of 2020 and all that has unfolded has shaken me to do more. This time I am busting through my own resistance because I don't give a shit how uncomfortable I am asking for help for all peoples who will benefit. We can truly change the world by lifting those around us to a higher agreement. I believe those who will be attracted to this are like me. We don't require the kind of money that network marketing offers at the top, but then again we do! We aren't interested in buying stuff or hoarding, but we want more money to give and fund amazing individuals and to know that our families are cared for in an easeful way. We want to be present and aligned to the energy of abundance in all ways to honor the potential of humanity.

As a Raindrop Investor, you support a Raindrop Artist by enrolling with her as a customer of dōTERRA. But your support does not only give you access to dōTERRA products at a wholesale price, you have access to the ENTIRE community of Raindrop Artists and fellow Raindrop Investors!

Because we are a supportive community, Raindrop Artists are in agreement that regardless who enrolls as a new Raindrop Investor, their enrollment is transferred to newer incoming Artists to serve the greater good of the community. dōTERRA allows a Wholesale Customer to be placed anywhere in an organization; sponsored under any Wellness Advocate in the enroller’s organization. So we will. This way, the newer artists can have a customer base and the monthly volume needed to help offset their expenses and feel supported financially immediately upon their enrollment and allow the magic of exponential growth to be realized.

So it is. Raindrop's structure will be that of a house, not a pyramid! Those of us that are building a "pyramid" will be on the top of the foundation and our wholesale and retail customer are our foundation. We cannot do this alone, will you help us build a "house"?

Here's to Raindrop! Here's to us. We are not Raindrop, Raindrop is us! Will you join us?


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