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Crisis is the Great Revealer

Jul 15, 2020

I didn't co-create Raindrop to convert or convince anyone to do anything. I created it to rally my tribe. I am seeking those who, like me, want to realize themselves as free so that they can create a sustainable living doing what they love with those they love.

I didn’t sign up for me. If I had, I would have done it already. I signed up to make a better way for many of us - in community. I write this sitting in the density of anxiety with tears rolling down my face, from the trenches of my current circumstances. I am tired. I am tired of the old. I need, more than ever, to compassionately connect with humanity through the way I work, think and live. I want and need to feel safe, to contribute to something bigger than myself and to feel heard and be seen. I really just want to know that I matter and that I am not alone. Sociology statistics, most spiritual gurus and consciousness experts say that I am not alone, that I am in union with everything around me, that we are all one from one source. So why do I feel  so dissociated? I don’t know how to find those who are seeking Raindrop and are aligned with our vision. So I ask for your help to share this with anyone you know who might be my peeps who, like me, are seeking something different and new. My go-to, my history, is to figure out a plan and execute it on my own - taking on ALL the responsibility. I am willing to give up struggle and striving, and persevere for a greater good. 

You’ll know, if you read the Splash post Numbers Stories, that I don’t have the financial capacity to take a $500 hit, but I could and am taking a $215 monthly hit to launch Raindrop with the online teaching platform of Kajabi and Zoom to make it possible to provide monthly interactive coaching sessions to all and anyone ready to try something new.

I was making it work.

Yesterday I felt like I got kicked in the gut. Like many of us, we thought that postponing the tax filing deadline to July was a boon, until it wasn’t. My accountant just informed me that, although, my annual income is just above the poverty line, I still owe $6822 to the federal government for 2019 and almost $3400 for the first half of 2020. All due, of course, tomorrow. Seriously, I know that I should and can anticipate these obligations. I just kept thinking that I would be in a new and different situation. Not the same old, same old where I don’t even have $500 in savings let alone $10,000. It might as well be $1 million. 

Crisis is the Great Revealer

I have options. Many options and scenarios play out in my mind, some healthier and more reasonable than others. A few of the more reasonable ones are: I could file with an intention to pay, and hope I can pay before I get in trouble with the IRS - the thought creates a visceral reaction in my body. I could register for the “join the high-ticket offer challenge” recently offered to me by a coach I deeply admire and follow someone else’s prescription to create a “high-ticket offer in just 5 days that can sell for thousands of dollars” -- another harsh gut wrenching reaction flows through my body. Like I said, I admire her coaching talent and we both agree that authentic and intuitive coaching when your client invests at a level that helps them achieve the results they want can transform the planet. She is right when she says coaching for free doesn’t achieve the results the clients want because transformational work requires incredible commitment. It's my experience that the greatest transformations come when there is an exchange of energy - life energy - something that is way more co-creative and valuable than money. It is an exchange that I love and that restores my faith in the connectedness and union of humanity. This resonates with me deeply because it is not bound to any social economic status, gender or race. 

Another option to my financial dilemma is to file an extension in lieu of a tax return and payment. I take the consequences of late fees and interest charges, and see what this “vehicle” can do! This scares the shit out of me. I feel paralysis rise up, but seriously, the grounded part of me knows it is time to “shit or get off the pot”. 

I filed the extension. 

I have until October 15, 2020 to generate $12,000 plus interest and penalties. In dōTERRA langage that’s “Diamond” ranking. The Diamond rank generates an average monthly income of $16,733 that typically takes an individual 24 months to achieve. I have been trained by a leader who has coached several who reached Diamond rank in just 30-days but requires colossal effort. Surely we can create a path for full-expression, solvency and freedom when we are resolved, fueled by our WHYs, and taking seemingly involuntary action. And, we can do it in 90-days while maintaining our health, retaining alignment to our values and maintaining friendships while building allies and connection. 

I cannot do it alone!

This is my opportunity to allow my crisis to be the great revealer and find out if the things I say and do are what I believe. I believe in the possibility and potential of Raindrop, or so I think I do, but will my actions align to that belief? Did I manifest this just-in-time situation to remind myself why I set out to do this? 

The unfolding of the next 90-days will reveal the truth of what I believe and what I believe I am worthy of experiencing. I allow my crisis to be the great revealer for me, and you.

What about you? Many are feeling a situational crisis. Like me, many are feeling the pinch of overdue tax payments, business closures, imminent layoffs, childcare concerns and work-from-home needs, health issues or you may, simply, want to know yourselves as free -- free to just BE and do whatever the hell you want to do with those you love. We can claim freedom from and in this crisis even though we aren’t feeling particularly worthy. If you don’t have a current crisis, please don’t invent one just so you are forced to reveal what you believe is possible.

So...if you are ready for transformation, to realize yourself as free, and willing to match my energy and allow the crisis you are in, or not in, reveal what you are made of, consider coming aboard the “Freedom or Bust Bus”. But before you get your “ticket”, you need to know what you are signing up for and scrutinize the inspection checklist. Keep in mind, this is not a time sensitive call, you are welcome to watch the Raindrop Incorporated story unfold in real-time here (Splash). I will speak my truth and promise not to bright-side the story or embellish it with drama. You have everything you need to know what you need to know and take action from that place at the pace of love.


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