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I am Wonder-Full

Aug 27, 2020

I am wonder-full...filled with wonder. 

Have you ever woke from an incredibly vivid dream and when you begin to tell someone about it it begins to vanish and the harder you try to remember the quicker it vanishes? That is what is happening now as I sit to write about my experience of a 7-day fast from doing or consuming anything solely out of expectation or habit. A challenge that came up for me as I uncovered my greatest IPA. I did it. That, I do remember! 

Like the vague awareness of my dreams, I recall contrasting and fragmented moments from my fast and can still conjure the feelings that made up those moments. Early on in the week, Sara commented that I seemed a lot less stressed and happier. I noticed I was drinking more water, consuming less alcohol; I ate less and savored my food more because I made more conscious and flavorful food choices. I noticed I was using and consuming more essential oils. I didn’t go to every meeting scheduled on my calendar - some I...

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What is your best IPA? And worst?

Aug 16, 2020

What is your best income producing activity (IPA)? And worst?

When you have a lofty income need looming over your head, discovering your best IPA is crucial. Because it will make the difference of creating real sustainable financial freedom vs. meeting a need and being so damn depleted energetically or compromised physically after achieving the goal that you collapse and set yourself up to cycle through this ugly pattern or worst yet, create medical bills that consume even more resources or tragically break you mentally.

I have been in way harder situations with much more at stake than needing to create an extra $10,000 in 90 days. I once had to come up with $250,000 in less time. It feels like a lifetime ago, as I really was in a different life that I live currently. It was 2005. I was a new mom, running a wholesale seed business with my former husband and living in Bozeman, MT. It was our 9th year of being in business. We were grossing over $1M in sales and with that comes big...

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The Real-Time Story of Ranking Diamond in 90-Days

Jul 18, 2020

Behold I make all things new! -- at least that is the intention :)

I have done my safety check and I cannot put it off any longer -- my crisis will be the great revealer. You can watch the Raindrop Incorporated story of me seeing what this “vehicle” can do [with me as the driver] in real-time! 

I will speak my truth as I know it and promise not to bright-side the story or embellish it with drama. I will update this post regularly. I am whole, well and resourceful. I have everything I need and I will take action from my inner knowing at the pace of love.

May I be met in perfect ways and be accountable to my receptivity. 

Objective: Make an additional $10,000 to pay taxes by Oct 15, and jump start a way to create a sustainable living doing what I love with those I love.

Goal: Test drive dōTERRA as Raindrop's vehicle of choice and reach Diamond Rank in 90-days.

WHY: To dissolve the ‘starving artist syndrome’ and...

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Crisis is the Great Revealer

Jul 15, 2020

I didn't co-create Raindrop to convert or convince anyone to do anything. I created it to rally my tribe. I am seeking those who, like me, want to realize themselves as free so that they can create a sustainable living doing what they love with those they love.

I didn’t sign up for me. If I had, I would have done it already. I signed up to make a better way for many of us - in community. I write this sitting in the density of anxiety with tears rolling down my face, from the trenches of my current circumstances. I am tired. I am tired of the old. I need, more than ever, to compassionately connect with humanity through the way I work, think and live. I want and need to feel safe, to contribute to something bigger than myself and to feel heard and be seen. I really just want to know that I matter and that I am not alone. Sociology statistics, most spiritual gurus and consciousness experts say that I am not alone, that I am in union with everything around me, that we are all one...

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Stepping into My Enoughness

Jul 06, 2020


Today, July 7, 2020, and the first Tuesday of every month, I am offering a free, online interactive group-coaching session. It is me showing up in my enoughness and supporting those who want clarity around who they are -- their values, their purpose and vision. Register here. Registrants must confirm through email to give us permission to hold their spot.

Know who I am.

It took a global pandemic and the greatest civil rights upheaval since the 1960s to jolt me out of my paralysis and rekindle my soul’s deepest desire -- to compassionately connect humanity through the way we work, think and live. My true service, my artistry, is to empower people to take conscious control of their lives, to express themselves fully and find authentic happiness in whatever way is perfect for them that supports the highest good of all. 

My most powerful coaching transformations never involved an exchange of money. I claim my worthiness through something much greater than money -- I...

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The Stigma of Being a Network Marketer

Jun 29, 2020

Is the stigma of being a network marketer really worse than the stigma of having genital herpes?

Apparently so, for me anyways. 

I've been single for a very long time. Every couple years I decide it's time to "get out there" and post “I am here” to my lover, who I have yet to meet. This time I tried Bumble, a new online dating app for me. It has been a good experience as the girl has to make the first move and if you match with a guy, the girl has 24 hours to send a message. Once a message is sent, the guy now has 24 hours to respond. If you both make your moves, then the time constraint is off and you are free to correspond as you wish.  

Josh was an attractive, articulate, happy introvert, in my decade, looking for a monogamous, long-term relationship. These elements were all a good fit and he had my attention. We were advancing our conversation. I'm not a very private person, so I sent him my business website as I figured it would tell him more about me...

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What is my oils story?!

Jun 23, 2020

"What if my prospect doesn't have an ailment?" was my question. 

"Find someone else to talk to." was the answer. 





The spacing represents how empty my response was as I sat with that answer...



...for weeks...



...and months.  


It caused me to question my ability and desire to build a business selling dōTERRA essential oils. Because I know as a coach that you cannot overcome an objection you agree with and I don't believe that essential oils are the cure-all for all ailments. Nor do I invite people to be attached to or hyper focused on their ailments. And, I do not want to seek people who do. 

I thought these might be insurmountable hurdles for me to create success in dōTERRA. Don't get me wrong, I definitely want to aid in the relief of suffering, but that is not what I want to focus on. Even though I prefer natural and holistic treatments over pharmaceuticals, I am not willing to claim something...

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Raindrop is not dōTERRA, Raindrop is Us.

Jun 18, 2020

It’s been 7 months since I returned from Prague and I am just now unravelling why I choose network marketing as our "vehicle"; why I couldn’t keep things simple and just be like all other dōTERRA Wellness Advocates and build a business selling oils; why I have to make it so damn complicated. No doubt my enroller, Kacie Vaudrey, has exhausted herself asking these same questions. She felt my intense energy and attraction to network marketing so much so that she invested in an all-expense-paid dōTERRA business building training with Allyse Sedivy hosted in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Allyse Sedivy is a Triple Diamond, top income-earning dōTERRA distributor and a phenomenal trainer. While I was reluctant to attend a week long training, Kacie assured me that it would be life-changing and it absolutely was. The transformational experience, though, had little to do with the training. This is not about dōTERRA. 

While walking down a country road, I spied a farmer plowing his...

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Raindrop Inc. Artist's Vehicle Inspection Checklist

Jun 16, 2020

Raindrop Incorporated is not about dōTERRA. It is about truly reclaiming the way we work, think and live, and supporting you to bring your WHY to life. Daring to do things differently so we can realize abundance. Stop making decisions from a place of fear and financial dependency. We are choosing love and creating a sustainable living doing what we love. Changing the vibration of the planet through full expression of one's true self for all peoples is my dream and Raindrop Incorporated is a manifestation of this intention.

The best analogy that comes to mind is that dōTERRA is our vehicle. No doubt there are many types of vehicles to choose from but I have chosen a network marketing company. It is an experiment to combine the potential of a network marketing payout model to fund a community of energetic creative and independent people who want to do and share what inspires them. 

Who am I to choose such a vehicle?

I have run the gamut of network marketing companies [find more...

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If not for me, then for Sara

Jun 11, 2020

Since the beginning, motherhood has been the source of my bold, outrageous courage. The courage to leave an unhealthy marriage of 15 years. The courage required to enter into a contractual relationship with one of the most polarizing companies in corporate America and the even greater courage required to leave behind the financial security of that company and step into the unknown. With each leap, I committed myself to the path and I never looked back. I never had that luxury. Hindsight is reassuring that I did make good choices although it wasn’t obvious in the moment. Always, always, always - when made in love, even while trembling in fear, it was 100% the right thing to do for my daughter and me. So when I don't have the strength to find what is required to take bold action for my own self, I will muster all that is within for my daughter's well-being.

In early April, Peter Attia, MD, who I follow, invited psychiatrist Paul Conti, MD to a podcast discussing the impact of...

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