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Kim Brenneman


Kim is the homeschooling mom of nine plus three, Iowa farm wife, Registered Nurse, and writer of all things to do with home and family. She is a practical, straightforward person and that’s how she teaches, plain and simple.

You'll learn how to be calm, be connected, and be constructive in your daily life to make your best days even better!

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"Empower women to build better days with home plain and simple and make their best days even better!"


I joined Raindrop that...whatever the reason was and is :).

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My Artistry


Do you want to learn how to build better days? I want to help you do that with the  tips and tricks that I have learned over the years.

We all have a place that we live. Learning how to manage our living space and the time we spend there make for the best days. I have a bunch of people in my home and so I write particularly about how to keep a home for more than one person. If you live in a home, and if you want to have better days in your home, then stick around. I’ll help you with that.

Do you love good food, clean clothes, pleasant smells, thoughtful organization, and intentional living? If so, you’ll feel right at home here. That’s what this site and my book Home Management, Plain and Simple are all about.

I moved into my first little house over 25 years ago and promptly started having babies, 9 of them. I love them to the moon and back. Keeping it all clean, orderly, and feeding the tribe has been a challenge!  I’ve been writing about it since I first started blogging in 2004. Way back then, I was in an email group of moms and we shared the struggles common to being a  human living with other humans.   I started blog writing to better explain the things that I found helpful. I’m a practical, straightforward person and that’s how I write, plain and simple. I’m still learning home management skills and I keep writing about how I make the best days better. You can use what I do as a springboard for applying to your unique life. You can make your best days even better!

My Cause

Everyone has the right to be live in a safe home and eat food that is nourishing. I am an advocate for renewable energy, family-owed farms AND a seeker of truth.

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