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Debra Jones


I seek deep, intimate, energetic connections. Period.

Even though I prefer being with animals because they know who they are, I fiercely love people who are seeking to reclaim the way they work, think and live. 

As a Raindrop Inc Investor or fellow Artist you have direct access to me as a coach. I will find creative ways to serve you and co-actively guide you to trust your own inner knowing, your inner guru, so that you freely make choices that raise your life experience -- feeling the thrill of Life breathing you.


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"Compassionately connect humanity through the way we work, think and live."

I am driven to create a way to make a sustainable living for me and my daughter, doing the things we love -- surrendering to the thrill of the unknown, elevating our life experience as we live simply in the moment with our animals and doing our artistic endeavours in full expression. 

But doing it just for ourselves is not enough for me to “find my go”. Everyone has a right to realize themselves as free -- always and in all ways

Therefore, I surrendered to the dream of being part of a soulicious community of wholehearted and entrepreneurial-minded creative interdependent individuals creating a sustainable living doing what we love -- offering our purest and truest form of service - our full expression.

We co-created Raindrop Incorporated, which was just an idea, to be the light of a greater collective. It will be as we each bring our WHYs to life. As we dare to do things differently so we can realize abundance. Stop making decisions from a place of fear and financial dependency. We are choosing love and creating a sustainable living doing what we love. Changing the vibration of the planet through full expression of one's true self for all peoples is my dream and Raindrop Incorporated is a manifestation of this intention.

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My Artistry

Selfcare is my work; my artistry -- and it is realized through my full, creative expression. Creative expression, however it shows up in the day, nurtures my soul and opens my heart in a way that can be recognized and felt by others, giving others permission to do the same. Like a raindrop in the sea of life, your elevated presence ripples through humanity and attunes the planet to a higher, collective frequency that benefits all.

As a kid, I used to fill art books with sketches and paintings and loved playing the guitar. My cousin recently told me she used to love hearing me play as a kid, and knew I’d be the next Dolly Parton. I found that hilarious on so many levels, but sad too because I stopped being an artist around the age of 10. I don't recall why. Something happened that caused me to "grow up" and put such childish things behind me – including the belief that you could create a successful life doing the thing you loved and made you feel most alive. That feeling of “being alive” is the vibrational truth of your heart. It feels amazing.

I get that feeling when I coach. The feeling of Life breathing me – my whole body being an aligned expression of Source in form. Simultaneously “doing” as I am “being”. AH HA – it was the same childlike feeling I had as a kid when I allowed artistic expression to consume me. AND may it be true – that I am the next Dolly Parton, not only echoing her level of mastering her artistry, but in her entrepreneurial endeavors and generosity. And so it is.

I am unapologetically an artist, a healer, a lover and a network marketer. These labels feel amazingly freeing now that I gave myself permission to be as I am. There is nothing better than fully integrating your “doing” with your whole “being” – it’s the feeling of Life breathing you.


My Vision

Everyone has the right to realize who they are, beyond what they have known themselves to be or what others have told them that they are or should be. Everyone has a right to live their artistry and their WHY. 

Because my work is very individual, I often support other organizations who work with the collective in different ways, yet in the same Christ-energy. One of my favorites is Together Rising -- they look around our world and community, identify what is breaking the hearts of so many of us and connect our contributions with the anonymous extraordinaries who are effectively addressing those critical needs: Whether it’s pulling children out of the sea outside the refugee camps in Greece, helping abandoned kids on the streets in Indianapolis, establishing the first opioid recovery home for pregnant teens in New Hampshire, building a maternal health wing in Port-au-Prince, providing a single mother access to breast cancer treatment, or keeping a foster family’s heat on in Texas. They too will feel the ripple of your monthly dōTERRA product purchases as I am able to regularly support them and others, as we bring Raindrop Incorporated to fruition.

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