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Brianna "B" Jones


Brianna is a dancer, mehendi and freelance artist, and plant enthusiast.

She will teach you how to artistically express yourself and all things essential to a mehendi practice.

Throughout the process, you will learn unique ways to understand, nurture, celebrate, and resonate with the Earth.

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"Share my energy through art, nature, and dance."

I joined Raindrop because I want to share my energy freely, at the pace of love.

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My Artistry

I am an artist and plant enthusiast. I express myself through painting, henna, and dance; these are my creative outlets that make my soul SING! 

Plants have always fascinated me, they create their own sustenance from the air, earth, sky, and water. They give us sustenance and nourishment essential to life, they also feed our soul with their very presence. Delible Doodles is my practice of mehendi, or henna body art, and it connects the dots between my seemingly unrelated talents and passions. As a plant enthusiast, I touch, understand, and celebrate the plant kingdom knowing that the gift of nourishment sustains the body and soul, and touches all mankind. The touch and artistry of mehendi is an intuitive experience that results in a strong and spiritual connection between me and my clients. As a mehendi artist, I touch the individual, literally and figuratively. Connecting with people through the act of touch is a blessing that inspires me to provide nourishment and blessings to the planet in all aspects of my life. 

Elements of the Earth also influence my work as a freelance artist. Water is manifested as small clusters of dots (bundakis), the mehendi symbol for water and falling rain, celebrating that which nourishes all life. I love adding dots to my designs, just as much as I love playing in the rain and watching plants flourish after a lovely drink from the sky.

And then there is dance. Dancing brings me the truest form of pure joy imaginable. I literally cannot stop smiling when I am moving my body to song and rhythm. I haven’t found the words to describe the healing power of dance, the creative expression, and the fulfillment that I get from this simple activity that is ingrained in human existence. If you can walk, you can dance. And why wouldn’t you?! 

My true artistry is allowing my true self to flow freely representing itself in the uniqueness and the connection we share in a conversation, dance, walk, or design on a blank canvas.


My Vision

Everyone has the right to realize themselves as free and that is what Raindrop aims to bestow on the community. I care deeply about the health of the planet and all life upon it. If you choose to join me you should know I support efforts to minimize and reverse the effects of human activity on the environment. I am passionate about reducing waste, recycling, upcycling, and cleaning up messes that have been made. I believe we need to rewrite the definition of trash and hold ourselves to a higher standard. My energy and a portion of the commissions I earn from your dōTERRA product purchases will support these initiatives.

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