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Raindrop Incorporated

A soulicious community of artists and investors serving each other through selfcare and authentic expression.

#RaindropIsMe     #SelfcareIsMyWork    #IamFree



We honor your critical thinking. You are not Raindrop, Raindrop is YOU! We invite you to speak your truth, always and in all ways.



Be love. Make love. And above all be kind to yourself and care for your body.  Why not make the path to creating time, location and financial freedom fun and make selfcare your work?



Shift. Expand. Create. Be. LIVE and LOVE!

You are free. Feel it now.


Like a raindrop,the expression of our passions, purpose and talents ripple through the universe touching others in ways we never expected. 

While all passions and talents are brilliant, not all of them can nor should pay the bills. Learn how to infuse an optimized multi-level marketing business into your projects and business, releasing the agreement that it has to be hard to make ends meet. Every individual must rise up to meet their own calling, but it is damn hard given our current agreements and social economic systems we have set up around us.

These systems and agreements make us choose to provide for our families over being with them. It is more often than not, an “either-or” way of life. We must choose - to be a starving artist or relinquish our autonomy and do what someone else tells us, leave our families to go to a 9-7 job, making our art a hobby and squelching the thrill of life breathing us when fully consumed in our authentic expression.  

Raindrop Incorporated is shifting our economic paradigm.

We are a soulicious community of artists and investors serving each other through selfcare and authentic expression.


#RaindropIsMe     #SelfcareIsMyWork    #IamFree

Serving through selfcare and authentic expression

Raindrop holds space for voices and ideas to be nurtured and expressed - across all peoples, equally in a system and community that FEEDS artists. Raindrop is expansive - it provides a “both-and” way of living -- dissolving the ‘starving artist syndrome’. It’s a co-created community and portal that feeds artists, service-based business owners and entrepreneurial-minded people to live their artistry -- being in their full expression and creating a sustainable living doing what we love in a way that ripples joy and raises the vibration of the planet.

We incorporate the payout infrastructure of dōTERRA, a network marketing company who sells high quality essential oils, into our collective business offerings and artistry. Essential oils are plant extracts, and although they are not a cure-all, you will find more than one to boost your mood, creating a positive impact on your health and well-being.

It is through the monthly purchase and consumption of dōTERRA products that artists and investors serve each other. 


To make this sexy system work, the community requires two types of people. 


The majority of the community are people who are already doing what they love and are able to sustainably take care of themselves and their loved ones, who value natural solutions and want to support people who are working with their hands and hearts. These people are our investors - their monthly purchase of dōTERRA wellness products, for their own personal consumption, feeds Raindrop Artists. In exchange for their product purchases from dōTERRA, Investors have full access to the entire community of Raindrop Artists to learn from and to be inspired by.


Raindrop Artists are entrepreneurial-minded creative types with resolve. They might be a service provider, stay-at-home parent, student, gardener, hairdresser, musician, chef, story teller, poet, dancer, pet caretaker, traveler, writer or a budding artist -- but they are all wholehearted creative humans, resolved to their inner knowing. They participate in the community as an Artist and Wellness Advocate with dōTERRA. Established artists teach and inspire the entire Raindrop Community through Raindrop's online teaching platform and private membership groups. They support incoming artists, matching their energy at the pace of love so they too can realize themselves as free.


Our Core Values: 

Truth, Love and Freedom!

Our Core Principles:

Be willing. Be expressed. Be aligned.

Our Core Objective:

Be the lifting of the world to a higher agreement.

Feed an Artist

Raindrop Investor

A Raindrop Investor understand through the purchase of dōTERRA 's products for their own personal use, they are providing energy, enthusiasm, and financial support to artists, giving them an alternative way to experience financial gain for his/her well-being and success while she offers her purest and truest form of service.

Feed an Artist

Raindrop Artist

A Raindrop Artist is a creative, entrepreneurial-minded person who is inspired by the Raindrop Inc support model and financial potential of incorporating  dōTERRA's products and payout infrastructure into their work.

They know who they are and how they serve. Artistry is their greatest gift - it honors their authentic expression, raises vibration and ripples joy.

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Raindrop Sponsor

A Raindrop Sponsor is someone who wants to sit in a circle of creatives and is committed to providing energy and enthusiasm to the community through their learning, engagement and elevated conversation.

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Brianna Jones

Artist & Plant Enthusiast

"Thanks to Raindrop, I released my agreement to being a starving artist. I am free!"

Become a Raindrop Investor

Raindrop supports our giving nature and helps artists, service-based business owners and entrepreneurial-minded people have an alternative way to experience financial gain as they work with their hands and hearts.

Raindrop Investors are Wholesale Customers with dōTERRA and are inspired to change his or her life and the lives of those she/he loves with dōTERRA 's wellness products.

We welcome Investors to join the community and have an option to earn 10%-30% of his/her purchase back in free product. Raindrop Investors have full access to our library of training that teaches us how best to nourish oneself, fuel creativity, spark ideas and empower the inner artist. Investors do not earn bonuses or compensation with doTERRA.

Feed an Artist

Become a Raindrop Artist

Raindrop is for business people, entrepreneurs and artists who want the mental, financial, time and location freedom to do and share what they love.

Raindrop Artists are Wellness Advocates with dōTERRA. In addition to receiving all the benefits of a wholesale customer and Raindrop Investor, they receive bonuses and commissions as they enroll like-minded artists and investors to fund their artistry. 

They agree that PLAYING is the new WORKING - it artifies their life and opens them to feel life fully; enabling them to create courageously.

We welcome artists and business owners, and those whose "work" or "artistry" is family, nurturing animals, traveling, raising a garden or maybe, as of yet, undiscovered.

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Become a Raindrop Sponsor

We want to create an entire community where people are aligned in a motivating force and know that through our individual endeavors in a collective agreement, with collective support, we can lift the world to a higher agreement.

Raindrop Sponsors pay a monthly membership where 100% of their membership goes to enrollment scholarships to newly enrolling artists. In return they have access to a community of artists, creative humans, to learn from and be inspired by.

Raindrop Sponsors have access to our library of training that teaches us how best to nourish oneself, fuel creativity, spark ideas and empower the inner artist. Members do not have an affiliation with dōTERRA .

We welcome people to join us from all over the world who will add value to the community by your presence and mentorship. We appreciate your support and energy.



Meet All Our Artists

Debra Jones


Debra seeks deep, intimate energetic connections. She prefers animals because they know who they are. But she fiercely loves people who are seeking to reclaim the way they work, think and live. 

She will co-actively guide you into your own knowing so that you freely make choices that raise your life experience -- feeling the thrill of Life breathing you.

Kristin Yetter


Kristin is a self proclaimed smoother and not in the "I want to mediate conflict" way. Be it folding laundry, raking, ironing, roguing corn fields or polishing rocks, she loves the sensation of creating a smooth surface. A super driven personality, Kristin can show you that it is OK to be in a continuous state of personal reinvention. 
 Turn over that ugly rock, you might just find a beautiful and elegantly smooth way of being.

Kim Brenneman


Kim is the homeschooling mom of nine plus three, Iowa farm wife, Registered Nurse, and writer of all things to do with home and family. She is a practical, straightforward person and that’s how she teaches, plain and simple.

You'll learn how to be calm, be connected, and be constructive in your daily life to make your best days even better!

Brianna "B" Jones


Brianna is a dancer, mehendi and freelance artist, and plant enthusiast.

She will teach you how to artistically express yourself and all things essential to a mehendi practice.

Throughout the process, you will learn unique ways to understand, nurture, celebrate, and resonate with the Earth.


Feel it now!

Do you feel the vibration?
Do you hear the music?
YOU are the song being sung.
The world is listening.